Welcome to Exposed Eats with Yejin, where you’ll probably learn way too much information on the state of my mind, heart, and soul, all through the lens of cooking and eating. As someone with (what can be considered) an unhealthy obsession with productivity, achievement, fulfillment, and passion, I harbor behavioral quirks and anxieties that have probably served me at some point in my life, but now only drive me and my loved ones bonkers. Cooking, eating, and food, in general, offer me (and maybe you) the possibility of intellectually and corporeally transforming my body and mind so that I can achieve better balance in my life. As a practice of love and public vulnerability, I’m sharing this food- and thought-filled journey with you.

Things to know about me, through “Top Five” lists:

Top 5 Things I Love

  1. Good food
  2. The loves of my life
  3. Great TV
  4. Sortable charts
  5. Young activists

Top 5 Things I Hate

  1. Racists, misogynists, islamophobes, homo/trans/phobes, xenophobes
  2. Apologists for racists, misogynists, islamophobes, homo/trans/phobes, xenophobes
  3. Bad NYC subway and street etiquette (no lateral lines on sidewalks, please)
  4. Under-seasoned food
  5. Arrogance

Top 5 Things that Take Up My Time

  1. Fundraising (I’m the Director of Development at an awesome school)
  2. Cooking/eating
  3. Loving my boo and my dog
  4. Watching TV
  5. Planning vacations (with sortable charts!)

Top 5 Things about Which I Am Deeply Ambivalent

  1. Where I live (currently in Brooklyn, NY)
  2. Professionalization of the nonprofit industry
  3. The utility of “authenticity”
  4. Social media activism
  5. My writing

Top 5 TV Shows

  1. The Wire
  2. Party Down
  3. Oz
  4. The Sopranos
  5. Arrested Development

Top 5 Movies

  1. Cache (Michael Haneke)
  2. The Wrestler (Darren Aronofsky)
  3. Clueless (Amy Heckerling)
  4. The Battle of Algiers (Gillo Pontecorvo)
  5. The Thin Blue Line (Errol Morris)

Top 5 Favorite Things to Eat

  • Pork belly
  • My husband’s pizza
  • Kraft mac n cheese
  • Korean BBQ
  • Kimchi spam fried rice

Top 5 Things I Love about My Dog, Mandu

  1. His angsty sighs
  2. His angsty side-eye glances
  3. His angsty attitude
  4. His strong opinions
  5. His love for gruyere

Email: exposedeats@gmail.com


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